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Our Mission:

Encourage Behaviors That Are Necessary to Become A Responsible Driver
Create Techniques to Develop Skills Necessary to Become a Safe Defensive Driver
Build Confidence With in Student to Gain Independence and Freedom That Comes with Driving

Driving is a complex task that requires drivers to integrate information from multiple inputs simultaneously and navigate unpredictable and potentially challenging situations on the road. Some drivers may find it difficult to stay focused, process the information needed to drive safely, and control impulses. Today’s drivers must deal with ever increasing traffic situations and more distractions.

Students with learning differences or a disability may need specialized attention when learning to drive. The education and training for the student is an investment that requires full commitment and patience as we go through the process of learning all aspects of driving. This is a process that takes time and dedication from everyone involved. Parental participation is critical to the success of the student.

The classroom portion is 10 DAYS – 3.0 HOURS EACH DAY, for a total of 30 CLASSROOM HOURS. The behind the wheel portion of the program will begin AFTER the classroom hours have been completed.

The Behind the Wheel portion consists of:

    • 21 Hours Driving

For more information about this program please contact our Program Director Melissa Cogdell at 901- 755-6777 or

Sam: 1 st dRiViNG AuTiSM student completed program in September 2019
“I love driving and it is one of my passions because of you”

Autistic Driving Student Smiling Thumbs Up With Mom